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Projects: Rego & Philipo, K-Lab, DJ Kane, Subsunday, Tiny K, Flesh & Bones, DJ Philip, Jessy, TranceLucent

One of the best and most famous producers in Belgium (and even Europe). He is the man behind Milk Inc., Sylver, Flesh & Bones, DJ Philip and much more. Next to commercial house music, he can produce high quality trance too (K-Lab, Tales of DJ Philip). He's also the producer of the Trance 'n' dance radioshow and our AGM studio engineerer.


Projects: Rego & Philipo, Tales of DJ Philip, DJ Philip, Dust, Lizz' Parker

One of the most famous DJ's in Europe and a rapidly growing star as a producer. He's the man behind Zippora, Gemini II, Tales of DJ Philip and Rego & Philipo. He's also a remix wizard...


Projects: Flesh & Bones, Yoni, DJ Wout, Systematic Parts, Seven

He started as a dj, but has grown to be a big producer. After his collaborations with K-Lab, Milk Inc. and 2 in da Bush, he started with Sylver and our DJ Wout projects: DJ Wout and Yoni.


Projects: K-Lab, Vidts & Vandueren, DJ Jan VS Vandueren, Jessy

The co-producer of Milk Inc. is also one of the pilars of AGM's Quality trance projects. With projects like Vidts & Vandueren, K-Lab and DJ Jan & Vandueren and the special remixes for overload he has earned high respect in the house-scene.


Projects: Soundz Fresh

DJ, producer, label maker - Sharam Jey from Cologne, Germany, is a real allrounder. He started as a singer for a rockband. At the same time his Dj'ing skills became hugely popular but it soon turned into a passion when Sharam discovered his love for house & techno in the early 90s and from then on he played nothing but dance music.
Today, his name has become an synonym for pumping house music that just can't be categorized. Narrow, departmental thinking is definitely not Sharam’s thing. He is only interested in the quality of the tracks and if they can rock the dance floor. He's an immensely popular DJ. But not only that! His calendar is fully booked with regular gigs in Germany and even the US and Asia.
He knows which tracks set the dance floor on fire. He is also one half of the project Three N One. Their remix of "Café Del Mar" by Energy 52 stormed into the charts in 1997 and was voted best dance track of all times in 2001 by "Mixmag"! He also remixed stars like Moby, Faith No More, Faithless, Salt N Pepper, No Doubt and loads more.
Early 2001 he decided to create his own platform for his music - King Kong Records. His motto is: No compromises! With his own label, Sharam Jey can finally realize all his ideas and dreams - from sound to artwork right thru to packaging. The label is now well established and successful.


Projects: DJ Jan & Vandueren

The man from Blaxo and Xsanto has his own label at Art-Group Music: Revelation Records. His trademark is quality straight Trance.


Projects: X2B

Flip began his career as a radio DJ, as resident dj at Karrewiel and at big events at the Grenslandhallen (Hasselt) and 'Het sportpaleis' (Antwerp). Since 1989, he's also a producer and scored his first hits with FVDP (The roof is on fire) and SWAT (The fly is dead). He started his own studio, studio belvedere. He was the producer of serveral famous artists and deejays like U4EA, DJ PHILIP and DJ JAN. He also made a few productions with DJ Peter (Put your hands in the air, Japanese DJ), and after that Flip has founded DJ PETER PROJECT which he did on his own without Peter and scored with number 1 hit New York, Party plane and Doo be doo. His is not only popular in Belgium but also in the the Netherlands,England, Germany, Canada, Australia, South America,... Here he scored with DJ STARFIGHTER, Apache.

check it out: www.studiobelvedere.com


Projects: Jessy

Jessy (°8/07/76) was born in a musical family. She started singing when she was 8. Her big breakthrough came as the leading-singer of the Mackenzie (feat. Jessy). At AGM she's standing strong with her solo-project 'Jessy' together with Milk Inc.-producers Regi Penxten en Filip Vandueren. Her first solo-singele is called ‘Look @ me now’.


Projects: Illusion 001, DJ Christophe

On of the greatest minds of dance music ever. The man behind fiocco, scoop, protect system, ...

check out his website: http://www.janvervloet.com


Projects: Koglin & Dewar

Grammy-nominated Producer, Remixer and DJ Mike Koglin started in the Audio Engineering College in Frankfurt (D). In 1990 he moved to London where he was inspired by the early UK dance music scene. He started to work with dance legends such as Boy George and Jeremy Healy. He was very influenced by Trance with productions as "The Silence" and "On My Way" which both hit the UK top 20 charts. He made over 50 remixes in the last 5 years: e.g. Lustral "Everytime"; DreamCatcher "I Don't Wanna Loose My Way" and Brainchild "Symmetry C", but also such big tunes as "Fine Day" (Kirsty Hawkshaw from Opus 3) or Dido's "All You Want ".
In 2003 he launched his label NOYS Music. He has worked under guises as 'State One' on Incentive, as ‘Blue Horizon’ on EMI or as 'Kota' with Darren Tate. This year Mike is continuing his series of collaborations with some of the biggest names in dance including Matt Darey, JFK, Above & Beyond and Pulser.
He's also a respected dj too.


Projects: Overload, DJ Esteem

Sebastian Schmidt (a.k.a. DJ Esteem) has become one of the hottest producers on our Revelation-label. He likes to produce massive quality trance tracks.


Projects: Overload, DJ Esteem

The co-producer of records like Overload and DJ Esteem.


Projects: DJ Kane

The Illusion 'Retro DJ' has collaborated with his childhood-friend Regi on the 'DJ Kane'-project with superb results.

CHRISTOPHE DOM (Dj Christophe)

Projects: Tiny K., DJ Christophe, Illusion 001

This resident DJ at Illusion does not only like to play music, but since a few months, his ambitions are even higher. His first project (together with Regi Penxten) is a good step in the right direction !

Check it out: www.djchristophe.be


Projects: Terrapin

He's one of the best DJ's in Belgium because of his own Hardtrance-style mixed with New Wave and disco influences. He tries to bring this atmosphere into his own records.


Projects: Terrapin

The co-producer of Terrapin.


for questions or licensing requests mail: info@agm.be